Posto9 Arquitectos was founded in Lisbon in 2004, by two architects managing partners, André Ferreira e Joana Castanheira. Since the begining, the company has been presenting signs of evolution, with more orders and diversification of interventions.
The responsability, ethic and professionlism are the elements that guide the company work.

Posto9 develops projects in architecture, urbanism, supervision of constrution, constrution, thermic and acustic studies, 3D visualizations, stands and exposition strutures, real state promotion, working in diferent geographic areas, national and international, beeing particulary opened to work as partner in the development of projects in portuguese space.

Posto9 develops project in diferent areas as public and private projects of university buildings, health centers, sport equipments, cultural equipments, turism equipments, urban rehabilitation, unifamiliar houses, offices buildings, and as donations of services to ONG’s.

Programatic and geographic diversity of the projects is suported througth the action of pluridisciplinar team coordination that combine diferent companies in diferent techical areas. One big goal while projecting is the programatic principles to be in a close relation to enviromental, economic and energétic local resources, once that Posto9 works in a big variety of places.

Posto9 business strategy consists in a excelent service and a close relation with the client, supporting their investments searching the best quality while caring about cost control. Posto9 works in partnership with MU – Mensagens Urbanas – that is an investment and real estate management company, that is focused in real estate market of Portugal. The company acquire, develop, manage and commercialize buildings or apartments of excellence in Lisbon area.


André Faria Ferreira:
Architect by FAUTL, Lisbon, 2001, having attended the Politecnico di Milano, Facoltà di Architettura, Italy, 2000.

Stage and collaboration in the studio Hestnes Ferreira 2001-2004, Lisbon.

Master in History and Theory of Architecture by FCT-UC, Coimbra, 2006.

Author of “Obras Públicas em Moçambique”, Edições Lusófonas, Lisboa, 2008.

Expert in SCE (Energy Certification and indoor air quality) by ADENE- Portuguese Energy Agency

Joana Castanheira:
Architect by FAUTL, Lisbon, 2000, having attended the University La Cambre, Brussels, 1995 and Università degli studi Roma Tre, Italy, 1999.

Stage and collaboration in the studio Hestnes Ferreira 2000-2004, Lisbon.

Professor of History and Arts at the Colégio Moderno 2002-2010, Lisbon.

Expert in Building acoustics by SPA-Portuguese Acoustic Society.


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Provision of consultancy services, project management and development of architectural design, interior design and temporary structures for events (stands).

Real Estate
Intervention in the Real Estate market, either as investor or as investor support, combining the skills of the designer with direct experience in all business phases.

Energy Certification
Activities undertaken according to the Building Energy Certification System (SCE), including the certification of residencial buildings (REH) and services (RECS).

Acoustic Studies

Development of acoustic studies, aimed at shaping the acoustic performance of spaces, either in the design phase (acoustic project) or in the process of the work verification (acoustic evaluation).