Founded in 2002 by Joana Castanheira and André Ferreira, the Atelier Posto 9 Arquitectos develops multiple projects with different scales and functional programs, specializing in the educational and housing sectors (with an emphasis on the urban rehabilitation).
A graduate from Lisbon University of Lisbon/Politecnico di Milano, André also holds a Master´s Degree in History and Theory of Architecture from the University of Coimbra. After a few years of working together with Joana, they founded their own practice, Posto 9.

A graduate from Lisbon University, Joana has also studied in Università degli studi Roma Tre, Rome and La Cambre University, Brussels. She is now based in Lisbon, with a career of 20+ years of professional experience.

Having a vast portfolio in Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking countries (Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Cape Verde and Brazil) it has an extensive network of contacts and partners who ensure the successful implementation of its projects in the most diverse contexts and geographical locations.

Prioritizing the direct and regular contact with all its clients, in order to establish a mutual trust relationship and guarantee a close monitoring in all the stages of the project.

Thanks to a close relationship with local agents, whether private or public, and a continuous survey of the current legislation, Posto 9 can guarantee that all timetables and budgets of all projects are fulfilled.
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